A. Main Objective

The main objective of the project is to achieve a volume of 841 pages (over 1,500 standard pages) (TAFOC). The volume is structured into two main parts.

I. A series of complex linguistic studies containing diastratic analyses regarding the taxonomy of the subject of study; lexical, grammatical, etymological analysis; historical evolution of Tp and Ts etc.

II. Dictionary of Astronomical Terms: Phenomena, Cosmic Objects and Constellations (DAFOC).

The studies are structured according to: 1) the database included in the lexicographic material from the Dictionary of Astronomical Terms regarding Phenomena, Cosmic Objects and Constellations (DAFOC) (comprising of 491 pages and 1 314 articles exhaustively and systematically written for the A–K section, including an ANNEX with eight additional articles significant for the studied terminological categories); 2) a collective research for all TAFOC terms, a feature found in the citation data corpus https://solirom-tafoc.gitlab.io/citation-data/ which includes 18 838 quotes. The terms analyzed in these studies are systematized in an INDEX of almost 1600 words and variants.

Note: There are numerous dictionaries of astronomical terms. However, these dictionaries have inherent lexicological, lexicographic and philological limits: some unexplained elements (assumed to be known), overlaps, diachronic contradictions, missing or randomly recorded grammatical categories, correlations between articles practically do not exist or are summarized, causing confusion even among TA specialists etc.

The accomplishment of the volume represents an unprecedented initiative in Romanian and European linguistics. This achievement is possible due to a close collaboration with the astronomer specialist(s).

B. Derived Objectives

I. Publishing 16 articles and studies by all project linguists in national and international journals and volumes.

II. Organizing five Workshops.

III. Giving 38 talks, of which 26 at TAFOC Workshops (all held within international symposiums) and 12 at various national or international conferences and congresses.Partea superioară a formularului